Apostolic Mantle

Catalyst of Change and Voice of Hope to the Nations.

Dr. Veronica Simpson has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over twenty years. Preaching the Word of God among the nations is her destiny. Sending a message of hope and encouragement is her purpose. Dr. Simpson has the same calling to fulfill that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to fulfill- Isaiah 61and Luke 4:18. Dr. Simpson has undoubtedly been given God's stamp of approval, but her natural qualifications are exceptional. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical and Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Care and Ministry, all granted by the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Clinical Family and Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biblical Theological Studies and Apologetics Studies. Associate of Arts in the field of Criminal Justice Dr. Simpson walks in the God calling of an Apostle and pastor of the independent-interdenominational ministries entitled as Deliverance Ministries Worship Center. Laboring in the gospel over twenty- three years. In December 2003, God allowed Veronica Simpson to launch out into her personal ministry. She found comfort in hearing God speak Psalm 78:70-72; a call to the nations. Thus Veronica Simpson Ministries was established. God placed a burden for people in Veronica's heart. Through national and international seminars, leadership training, educational life skills workshops, community outreach and women's conferences entitled as "Real Anointed Women" or "R.A.W." , she ministers to women , men and families from all walks of life, encouraging them and letting them know that they are "Valuable Vessels" in the eyes of God. Veronica Simpson Ministries was birthed for the purpose of meeting the spiritual needs of God's people around the world. Veronica Simpson is a woman not created for time, but for eternity. As an avid student and doer of the Word, she walks in a Spirit of Excellence, even in the midst of opposition. Dr. Simpson is also an author who has written several pieces for the purpose of ministering to God's people she is the author of Inseparable Christ, devotional piece, Higher Ground, (The Summon of a Great Leader on the Way), Developing, Declaring, Delivering, and Demonstrating The Leader Within You. Her latest book, Broken Vessel, is a part of her personal testimony. Currently she is pursuing writing two manuscripts entitled The Struggle Is Over Embracing the Apostolic Calling and A Princess Chronicles. Her educational persona has allowed her to embrace The Logos School of Divinity in Knoxville also founded by Dr. Simpson. She wears many hats. Her most recent endeavor for the Lord includes ministering at Angola Penitentiary located in Angola, Louisiana with the legendary William Brothers, ministering in Monrovia, Liberia preaching a four day crusade, to add to the long list she has also ministered in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International Gospel Industry Retreat hosted by Dr. Bobby Jones . November 2012 Dr. Veronica Simpson founded the Logos School of Divinity Seminary located in McComb; MS. Locations of Deliverance Ministries Worship Center : Headquarters Knoxville TN,, Newport News VA, Pastor Charlene Richmond and Magnolia MS. Pastor Viola Cook once again fulfilling the vision of Isaiah 61. Dr. Simpson resides in Morristown TN

. Veronica Simpson has been a wife for over thirty years and is a mother of three. Her husband Walter Clay Simpson, has walked by her side as a supporter and co-laborer in the gospel for over 30 years. Through many trials and triumphs, she and her husband have proven that, together, they are an unstoppable force in the Body of Christ. Dr. Simpson may have several degrees and an ongoing list of achievements, but her sold out attitude and lifestyle overshadow them all. That same sold out, uncompromising attitude is what has allowed God to use her to change, set free, heal, and deliver his people time and time again. Veronica Simpson will forever preach the uncompromising, unadulterated Word of God! She is an Emissary Empowering the Kingdom of God!